We are the Brouk sisters - Lior and Paz. We graduated from "Shenkar College of Engineering and Design" in Israel, 

Lior as a graphic designer and illustrator and Paz as an industrial designer. We have always dreamed of opening our own children’s design business. After gaining the required experience and knowledge working in Israel, we decided to fulfill our  dream and establish the brand Brouksisters, which specializes in children’s  textile design. We each bring to the design process  ideas from our own inner  world, together with our experiences and professional knowledge.

In our collection we created "Philippe" the cat and long - nosed "Olivier" the hedgehog, original  humorous characters  which children can relate to. Philippe and Olivier are characterized by

an original texture ,which is printed in vibrant colors. In the design process we were inspired by closely observing both nature and children’s needs. We created samples that were given to children in order to assess  their reactions, which proved very positive. Brouksisters doesn’t compromise on quality: our products are made of 100% organic cotton, and are  designed and manufactured in Israel.

Brouksisters uses environmentally manufacturing and design processes. The manufacturing process of our ecologically friendly fabrics does not pollute the air or leaves traces of pollution on the cloth. Our anti - allergenic fabrics are also free of allergens even after use. In addition our paper packaging is easy to recycle.